Complex cruise terminal and port services.


Granada (Spain)


Creation of a cruise terminal and services (shops, restaurants...) capable of holding 250,000 passengers a year.


  • Transformation of a private dock in a large public space
  • Port tissue restructuring and transformation of the industrial landscape
  • Integration of economic port activities to the city
  • Unification of different transportation systems (cars, trains and ships) and improving its infrastructure
  • Roof completely passable for people and bicycles (recreational activities: exhibitions, markets, concerts ...)
  • Analysis and detailed study of annual climatic conditions (temperature and annual solar conditions)
  • Integration of Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) systems based on the use of renewable energy.
  • Using the sea as a source thermo-accumulator for HVAC (study and simulation of fluids)
  • Conception of light metal and serial modular structure. Industrialized fast construction and parameterized system.
  • Large open interior spaces. Possibility of change of building’s use in the future.
  • High performance transparent facades. Total natural light (energy saving)